Astrology Authors

Professional Astrology authors with many years' experience have written a unique range of readings that you can purchase online. These personal readings cover a wide range of topics about, character, forecasts and relationships.


List of Astrology Authors

Eric Biss, Lyn Birkbeck, Jeff Prince, Graham Boston, John Hayes, Tom Brosnan.


Eric BissEric Biss

Intimate Lover - Forecaster - Life Destiny - Love Life Forecast

Eric Biss is co-founder of Stardm Ltd, with 30 years’ experience as a consultant, author and editor, he has produced and written the above reports.



Chris NelisChris Nelis

Senior Programmer

Chris Nelis, senior programmer and co-founder of Stardm Ltd, has been working with astrology for over 15 years. His innovative programming and design techniques mean the astrology store he has created, successfully produces and delivers thousands of astrological profiles, forecasts and relationship reports worldwide.


Jeff PrinceJeff Prince

Relationship Forecast

Jeff Prince is originally from Canada he has in the UK for over 30 years and studied astrology for over 40 years, He has pursued astrology professionally since 2005 and his horoscopes have featured in a wide range of printed and online media predominantly in the UK and North America.


Lyn BirkbeckLyn Birkbeck

Soul Mates - Soul Profile - Predictor - Relationship Reality - Relationship Success

One of our longest standing astrology authors, Lyn Birkbeck has been a professional astrological consultant since 1979, Lyn is the author of eight books, including the best-selling Do-It-Yourself Astrology now in its third 'incarnation' as The Watkins Astrological Handbook.


John HayesJohn Hayes

Star Lovers

John Hayes is a consultant with the British Astrological and Psychic Society (BAPS) and a registered Healer. He's studied at the Faculty of Astrological Studies gives talks on astrology and teaches astrology to beginners.


Tom BrosnanTom Brosnan

Life Planner - Career Analysis

Tom Brosnan is consultant and author Tom comes from New Zealand and has been a past President of the Christchurch School of Astrological Studies. Tom has written a series of astrological texts for individuals and couples with forecasts about the future.


Graham BostonGraham Boston

Personal Outlook

Graham Boston the author of 'Astrology, A Beginner's Guide', published by Hodder Headline. He teaches astrology and helps run the Aquarius Severn Astrology Society, based in Cheltenham (UK).


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