Horoscope Spread - 13 Card

Classic Horoscope Spread

Tarot Reading 13 Cards


Of all the tarot spreads, the Horoscope Spread is probably the most comprehensive and informative. It covers important aspects of your life and the likely outcomes You simply must refer to the list explaining what each card position refers to (as you’d do with any other spread) to benefit from this amazing Tarot reading.

Get the answers to these questions:
  • Me and the impression I give to other people; How I feel about the situation being discussed? My physical self? Issues affecting me such as health?
  • My finances? Earned income?
  • My siblings and close friends. The way I communicate? Short, local trips?
  • My mother and childhood foundation? My home? Emotional issues?
  • My love life? My children? Creative projects and impulses? Pleasures?
  • My job? My pets? My health?
  • Partners? How partners feel about things? How I feel about partners?
  • Sex? My partner’s resources? Debts? Insurance and taxes? Death?
  • My philosophies and outlook on life? Education? Faraway travel?
  • My career? My father and his legacy in my life? My achievements in the world?
  • Friends? My long-term goals for the future?
  • My subconscious mind? Hidden things? Dreams? Old enemies?
  • The outcome?
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