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Precise dates help you spot valuable opportunities

Your Personal Forecaster is ready to guide you through your journey over the next 12 months and help out with your decision-making.

See through deceptions and learn you can say no in a positive way. Helps you identify the right time to handle any change to your relationship, job, or home.

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Meet the author

Eric Biss

Eric Biss has over 30 years’ experience as a consultant, author, and editor. He has produced a range of astrology interpretations about the human condition. His easy to read reports bring a new level of understanding to readers. Helping improve a person’s outlook on life. Life Destiny and Forecaster interpretations have provided astrological knowledge to thousands of individuals. Intimate Lover reports for couples give useful insights into successful love-making. Love Life Forecasts help narrow down the best times for those intimate moments. Or arrange that date.